The Diocese of Crotone - Santa Severina

The Religious Tourism in the Diocese of Crotone and S.Severina

The challenge of religious tourism in the Archdiocese of Crotone - Santa Severina provokes an extraordinary activation of spiritual resources which generates in everybody the will of participation and action: this condition is already something wonderful. We must not let ourselves have wishful thinking or illusory prospects, infact the organization of this itinerary is to produce a religious journey in the diocese, staging a rich horizon of resonances and religious meanings, which is attractive for economic, financial and commercial operations.

It is likely to be at the right place to favor not only the expectations of the soul, the conversion of hearts, justice in personal and inter-community relations, the unity of believers in Christ, but also to be in the right space in which it is possible to give body to the potential spread in civil society, in the territory, in the church itself.  The event requires a wise provision of better equipment and intangible resources available. The prospect that opens before us requires planning and becomes a ferment of ideas and proposals to the various levels of personal and ecclesial life, of social coexistence, cultural and administrative governance programming. 

The priceless human and Christian virtues of the hospitality are, deeply part of the cultural heritage and the tradition of our ecclesial communities, as rooted in the evangelical spirituality of fraternal solidarity. The hospitality, seen as a culture of life and reciprocity, reveals the primacy of the spirit and opens boldly to the diversity of people, especially in the real meaning of hospitality if it is treated in its practical aspects of receptivity. Today you can feel more of the need for quality in its forms and in the style of hospitality and hosting: Guests like to be treated by people "known" that are integrated into local cultures, are passionate about the problems and realities emerging on the territory.

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