Crotone’s Itineraries

Culture and beauty are a recall of the history in Crotone, meanings and testimonies are still extraordinarily current from the civilization of the Magna Greacia and of its undisputed leader, the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who founded in Crotone in 530 B.C. The Pythagorean School, a "nursery" in which young Crotonese men and women cultivated the teachings of philosophy and science, ethics and politics.The Pythagorean fellowship had mathematical, geometrical and cosmological, cultural and philosophical, medical and scientific, food and of powerful modernity contents: the science of numbers and its geometric applications, the medical school of Alcmaeon and Democedes, pioneers in studies of anatomy and surgery, ethical rigor passed down through the golden Verses, the female section of the Pythagorean school, chosen in evident contrast with the beliefs of the time, the healthy diet based especially on vegetarian choices, the exaltation of the physical well-being through sport. From those origins in time the territory has been enriched with culture, science, history, famous people, folklore and traditions. We offer unique itineraries to our visitors, to travel by car.A journey without hurrying, through a tale that surprises.

Traveling along the North Ionian

Travelling between Nature and Ancient villages

Traveling along the valley of the river Neto

Travelling along the southern Ionian