Join Itinerari

The Association Itinerari can be joined by operators in the tourism and food chain of quality, the production sector, trade and services of the territory, the world of the professions and of associations.

By becoming members of Itinerari you become part of a community that promotes through web and social networks, the history, the culture, the traditions of a land of ancient origins, the tourist offer and its products, enterprises, the women and the men who there live, work and produce.

To join as a paying partner it is sufficient to send the membership application and pay an annual financial fee.

To know more, send us an email at or contacts us:

dott.ssa Daniela Ruperti
Confindustria Crotone
tel. 0962/965309

dott. Giovanni Ferrarelli
Confcommercio Crotone
tel. 0962/20163