Jewelry- Goldsmith since 1989

Gerardo Sacco & C. SRL

The Gerardo Sacco creations are handmade jewels, eclectic and with a multifaceted style, entirely conceived, designed and made in the laboratory workshop of the goldsmith.

Jewellery Goldsmith Corrado Francesco

Manufacture of jewels and gold jewellery in precious metals or coated with precious metals.

Michele Affidato orafo S.r.l

Jewels that are made entirely by hand, handcrafting precious metals, with a creative process that combines past and present, ranging from jewellry to sacred art with equal elegance and personality.

Silipo Gioelleria (Jewlery Store)

The jewellery store Silipo has had its roots in the area of the marquisate of Crotone since 1913, when the current owner's grandfather, opened a jewellery store in the centre of Crotone, specifically in the Piazza Duomo.

Crotone’s Itineraries