Cirò Marina, Apollo Alaios Sanctuary at the promontory of Punta Alice

The sanctuary of Punta Alice, that according to the sources was dedicated to Apollo Alaios from Philoctetes, was long sought for, but only discovered in the twenties, during the works carried out at the Mesola di S. Paolo, by the Independent Consortium of the Cooperatives of Ravenna within of the works aimed at draining the marshes that had made the Calabrian coast inhospitable and unhealthy

Crotone, Archaeological Park of Capo Colonna

Among the major archaeological sites in Calabria, Capo Colonna has always been linked to the history of Crotone. During the Greek and Roman times it was called the Lacinium headlands and was the site of a sanctuary dedicated to Hera, whose fame and wealth are mentioned in ancient literary sources.

Crotone’s Itineraries