Crotone, Resistenza's Square

It is the premises of the Town Hall Square and is dedicated to the resistance movement, decisive for the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-Fascist regime. A little over the 39th parallel of latitude there is Crotone, a charming town situated in an enviable geographic position for overlooking the Ionian Sea, for the Esaro river running through it and for its mild climate: "relic of the ancient city that was located here and was in its splendor in the days of Ancient Greece.

Crotone, Pitagora's Square

It is the heart of Crotone, the point of union between the walled city and the consolidated city. It is the hub of the urban structure and life of the city, a hub from which you can reach the city's waterfront, the Basilica Cathedral, the historical centre and Resistence Square, home to the town hall.

Crotone, Rino Gaetano Square

Songwriter born in Crotone, Rino Gaetano is remembered in the square in front of the marina. "He wrote songs overflowing vitality, satirical rhymes, touching ballads. His most famous song is 'Gianna', thanks to which he finished third at the Sanremo Festival in 1978 "

Crotone’s Itineraries