Cirò Marina, The Archaeological Museum

Opened to the public in 1998, the Civic Archaeological Museum of Cirò Marina is arranged over two floors and collects both material recovered from the early 70s of last century by the local Archeological club and also other finds, like object from the systematic excavations of the Authority for Archaeological Heritage of Calabria.

Crotone, Archaeological museum of Capo Colonna

At the entrance of the Capo Colonna Archaeological Park, you can find the namesake museum. Inaugurated in 2006, it proposes an exhibition, in large open rooms, divided into three sections.

Crotone, National Archaeological Museum

The Crotone National Archaeological Museum is an archaeological museum run by the General Directory of Archaeology and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, through the Authority of Archaeology of Calabria and is located in the medieval town, corresponding to the acropolis of ancient Kroton. The director is Gregorio Aversa who is also responsible for the protection and archaeological research in the territory of Crotone and the Sila.

Crotone’s Itineraries